How To: Edit an existing form entry on the web

Lightship Forms are a simple, flexible way to capture data in both the office and in the field. Forms can be created in minutes and immediately used within your custom automated workflows.

*If a form is not available in the workspace forms list, it may need to be added to the workspace or your permissions may need to be adjusted by a site administrator.

1. Open a workspace.

2. Open the Forms list and select a form.


3. If the form has existing entries, select an entry from the list.


4. The feature info box will appear in the right panel. Click the "EDIT" button at the bottom of the feature info.

*The EDIT button may be labelled differently depending on the form's settings.


5. Make any desired edits to the form entry and click "Save".

*All saved edits will be tracked under a form entry's Revisions list and are reviewable by Site Administrators.


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