Overview: Tasks

Lightship Tasks allow you to easily understand what you and your teams need to get done. In Lightship, tasks can be created and managed both manually and via automation.

Your personalized task list is accessible from the "My Work" page. From this page, you can view any tasks that you are assigned to or a collaborator on.

My Tasks

Your personalized up-to-date task list can be organized and displayed by urgency, due date, or workspace association. 


Tasks in workspaces

From within a workspace, you can see all of its tasks by default. To display only your tasks, you can change the collaboration filter to "Just My Tasks".


Task details

A task's details are critical to ensuring assignees are able to understand what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, how important it is, and who needs to be involved.

When creating tasks, try to use active verbs such as: acquire, advise, approve, complete, conduct, confirm, consult, contact, declare, determine, develop, establish, gather, issue, investigate, notify, prepare, request, review, support, etc.


task_private.pngSetting a task to "private" will prevent visibility to anyone who isn't the owner or an assignee.

Forms, features, checklists, feature searches, & files

Any task can have additional resources added to it to ensure the assignee has the necessary tools to complete the task. This includes links to forms & feature searches, embedded checklist items, as well as image and document attachments.


Task locations

Locations can be set for tasks to help your teams understand where work needs to be done. 



Task activity

The activity feed tracks all actions related to the task, from creation to completion. The chat feature allows you to @ people, teams, or the task as a whole in order to encourage regular communication and collaboration.


All of your tasks are also available from the Lightship Works mobile app. From the office to the field, we want to make sure you can take your tasks wherever your work requires you to go! Read more about the Lightship Works mobile app here.


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