How To: Add a base map to a workspace

Base maps are collections of workspace-agnostic layers that provide additional geographic context for your workspace map. Selecting a default base map will ensure that a specific base map will automatically be applied to your map view whenever you access the workspace. *Layers added to a base map will not be affected by workspace filters such as date/time range and AOI. To add a base map to a workspace, follow the steps below:

1. Open a workspace and navigate to the base map list.

  • Select a workspace from your workspace list to open the workspace dashboard.
  • Select "Base Maps" from the left-side menu to open the base map list.


2. Edit the base map list.

  • Click on "Edit" button.


3. Select the base map(s) from the list of available base maps and click "Save".

  • You can switch between different base maps from the workspace legend.




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