How To: Add a layer to a workspace

The list of layers added to a workspace will be visible from the workspace map view. Filters applied to the workspace, such as date/time range and AOI, will affect the visibility of workspace layer features. To add layers to a workspace, follow the steps below:

1. Open a workspace and navigate to the layer list.

  • Select a workspace from your workspace list to open the workspace dashboard.
  • Select "Layers" from the left-side menu to open the layer list.


2. Edit the layer list.

  • Click on "Edit" button.


3. Select the layer(s) from the list of available layers and click "Save".

  • *Available layers are created when new forms are created, or when datasets are uploaded to your Lightship site by site administrators.


4. Your added layer(s) will now be visible in the workspace map legend.



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