August 2021 Lightship Control Center UI Updates - Try Beta!

August 2021 Updates

Starting on August 11, you will be able to preview Lightship’s new web user interface. This includes an all-new workspace redesign, with an increased focus on task management and productivity.

This change will not happen overnight. For the next few months, use of the new user interface will be entirely optional, though we encourage you to check it out! We will use a phased approach, adding new functionality when it’s ready as we make the transition.

So, what will be included in the August 11, 2021 release?

The first glimpse of the new user interface will include:

  • Redesigned Workspaces
    • A new web homepage, showing a list of workspaces and tasks
    • An enhanced task view
    • New map interface

Read more about Lightship Workspaces here!

  • Resource Pages and Site Administration
    • Administrators will be able to manage people and teams through the new Resource pages. This will allow you to create and manage users, and control what they have access to on your Lightship site.
    • Administrators will also be able to create new workspaces and workspace templates.

As always, we value our client’s feedback during this process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be required to use this interface?

Using the new Lightship web interface will be optional for quite some time as we complete the rollout. You will be able to seamlessly switch back and forth between Lightship Classic mode and the new user interface as you choose.

When I go to the beta view, I don’t have access to some functionality. When will that be released?

The new user interface is a work in progress and will eventually include all existing features and functionality (including much more!) - incremental changes will be released when ready and we’ll always keep you informed of major feature updates as they become available.

How long will I be able to use Lightship Classic mode?

We are currently anticipating that Lightship Classic Mode will continue to be available for end-users for at least the next few months, with administrators having access for some time after that.

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