How To: Create/Manage Workspace Templates

Creating and managing a well-organized list of workspace templates ensures consistency when creating new workspaces and improves efficiency when making changes to existing workspaces.

1. Navigate to your Workspace Templates list.

  • Click on "Admin" > "Workspace Templates".


2. Start a new workspace template.

  • Click on "New Template" button.


3. Fill in the workspace template details.

  • Give your template a name and an auto ID prefix.
    • Example:
      • Name: Utilities
      • Auto ID Prefix: UTIL
  • Select teams and managers to be added to all workspaces created with this template.
  • Select resources and settings to be included by default in all workspaces created with this template.


4. Click "Create" on the Review page.


5. To edit and manage existing workspace templates:

  • Select the workspace template from list.
  • Click "Edit" button.

For more information on creating Workspaces, check out How To: Create/Manage Workspaces

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