October 26th, 2020 Updates - User Statistics & Lightship Status Upgrades

The Lightship team has been working hard on a number of great things that we are excited to share with you! Every 2-4 weeks, we'll be posting about our new updates here: UPDATES. You can also access our updates by clicking on the Icon_-_Question_Mark..PNG icon in the top right corner of your Lightship Site.

User Statistics:

Our new user statistics page allows for Lightship admins to quickly query and summarize usage data over time, and export results to Excel. This page also breaks down usage by application and provides visibility on "billable users", which are both valuable in understanding how your site is expanding.  


Lightship Status Upgrades:

We recently released upgrades to Lightship Status to ensure that your work can be performed as efficiently as possible. Some of these upgrades include:

  • Extend location sharing and check-in end times at the push of a button!
  • Set a profile picture to further customize your Lightship user account!
  • Send notifications to confirm successful check-ins!
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