Form Building: Recommended best practices

In this article, we'll outline recommended best practices for building forms in Lightship. For additional form resources and step-by-step guidance on building new forms, click HERE.

Before building your form: 

  • Determine the type of form that you are building (eg. geometry, linked, data, repeatable).
  • Before adding questions to your form, plan the form’s data structure in a spreadsheet (such as Excel or Google Sheets)
    • Determine FIELD NAMES (should be short and descriptive; avoid sentences or long phrases)
    • Determine FIELD TYPES
    • Determine ORDER OF FIELDS

While building your form:

  • Ensure you have added some important auto-capture fields (auto-capture fields capture data automatically when a user is filling out the form)
    • Auto Key - this will function as the auto-incrementing Lightship unique ID.
    • Auto Account - Created - this will capture the user that fills outs the form.
    • Auto Date/Time - Created - this will capture the date/time the user saves the form.
  • When possible, try to use “picklist” fields rather than “text boxes”. Picklists make the form easier to use, and allow for more precise reporting and analysis.
  • Determine which fields should be required.

After building your form:

  • In the Form Settings, configure your ADD/EDIT button labels to make your form feel personalized to the data being captured.
  • In the Layer Admin, configure your layer’s feature info pop-up.
  • In the Layer Admin, configure your data source’s display settings (display fields and order).
  • In the Layer Admin, alias your fields to common names.


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