Disabling a field using the Auto Empty widget


If there is a field in your form that is no longer necessary, an alternative to removing the field from the data source is to change its widget type to Auto Empty. Similar to the removal of a field, the auto emptying of a field causes that field to no longer appear when filling out the form. However, contrary to the deletion of a field, the auto emptying of a field preserves the existing values that it holds from previous form entries. This is a great solution for situations when the requirements of your form have changed, but you don't want to lose any existing data.

To auto empty a field:

1. Open the form of interest in edit mode by clicking the pencil icon beside the form name.

2. Find the field that you wish to auto empty and edit it by clicking on the pencil icon beside the field name.


3. A pop-up dialog will appear. Under the Widget section of the dialog box, change the drop-down selection to Auto Empty.

NOTE: If the field that you are auto emptying was previously a required field, make sure to switch the "Required" toggle off first. An auto emptied field that is still required will prohibit your future form entries from saving!


4. Hit "Save" to close the dialog box, followed by "Done" to save your form changes.

That's it! Your field is now hidden while preserving existing data.

NOTE: This setting can be reversed at any time if you decide tho activate the field again.


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