April 16, 2020 Updates - Tasks, Works, and Automations.

Lightship Updates

Even though we haven't been posting updates, we've changed a lot over the last few months and we want to start keeping you in the loop with what's new in Lightship!

Every 2-4 weeks, we'll be posting about our new updates here: UPDATES. You can also access our updates by clicking on the Icon_-_Question_Mark..PNG icon in the top right corner of your Lightship Site. 



Tasks in Lightship allow you to create to-do items and assign work to yourself and your teams. Tasks can be created and managed in both the Lightship Control Center (the web app) and the Lightship Works mobile app. 

Along with all of the normal details that you'd associate with a task (due date, assignee, priority), you can also include things like a link to a specific form to be completed, documents, locations, or checklists. 

A complete overview of Tasks can be found here: Overview: Lightship Tasks.


The Works Mobile App:

The Lightship Works app was relaunched this last year. Works helps you manage your projects, day-to-day tasks, and messages between you and your co-workers. The app allows you to easily view your projects, tasks, and messages from your phone or tablet. 

A complete overview of the Works mobile app can be found here: Overview: Lightship Works App.

More recently, some new features worth noting are: a dark mode option to save battery life; users' profile pictures showing on the map to help you easily see who is where; and being able to easily create and complete tasks within the app.



Another exciting revamp in Lightship is the ability to configure certain parts of your workflow to happen automatically. We call these automations. Whether you want to create new tasks based on form submissions, send out email or SMS notifications about outstanding tasks, or set certain fields within your form to auto-populate, chances are that an automation can help.

If you think an automation would help your team, feel free to reach out to us at


Other Updates:

These updates have been released to our Standard and Advanced sites. Our Enterprise clients will be seeing these updates in 2 weeks, allowing us to have the highest quality of functionality. 

  • Tasks in Works has changed to be called "My Tasks". By default, only tasks that you are associated with will appear when you click on "My Tasks" from the main Works screen. If you'd like to review another team member's tasks, click on your icon to the right of the search bar. Then select the assignee that you need. 
  • Your Status is easier to set. Now, if you don't have anything running in your Status App, when you open up the app you'll be taken directly to the "START A NEW" screen, allowing you to get things started more quickly. If you have anything running, you'll be brought to your Status Dashboard, which will allow you do see any available check-ins, your Status, and any location sharing. 
  • User Statistics. Lightship admin users are now able to view their user stats from the Admin settings portal. You can select the date range and filter by users. The Company Statistics line gives you a summary of your search range and then the User Statistics provides more details. The numbers that are in the Collect, Status, Web, and Works columns indicate how many requests a user made to the server. 
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