How to Set Up Conditional Questions (Fields)

Conditional fields make form submissions more streamlined and easier for the end-user. When a question is answered in a form, it is subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met. Conditional fields are set up on pick lists, and yes or no questions.


For example, if you have a question "Is it raining? Yes or No?", you could have a conditional on the answer "YES". Subsequent questions could be "How hard is it raining?"; or "How cold is it outside?" etc. A conditional could also be added to "NO", such as, "If No, what is the weather outside?". This is what it would look like in Edit Form Field Settings:

How to Set Up a Conditional Field: 

  1. Go to the Edit Form Field Settings.

  2. Hover over the question that you would like to make a conditional.

  3. Click on this symbol "".

  4. A pop-up window will ask which answers you'd like to create conditionals on: 


  1. Click the box left of the answer that you want to create a conditional on.

  2. Click "ADD". 

  3. The condition has been created and you can start creating the conditional questions.

  4. Click on "ADD/DROP QUESTION".

  5. Create questions the same way you would for the rest of the form. Refer to the article: How to Set up Questions (Fields in Forms).

  6. The question will sit below the condition in the form. To add another question to the same condition, hover over the condition (i.e. Yes or No) and on the right side click the plus sign "+".


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