How to Edit Forms: Form Settings/Field Settings


In the edit area of a form, there are two tabs: Form Settings and Field Settings. Edit mode opens the "FORM SETTINGS" tab by default. 


Here, you can quickly make changes to the general settings related to this form:

Under the heading "Settings" there are 4 toggles: Enable Form, Allow users to create new features, Enable "Wizard Mode", Allow users to enter XY coordinates. The settings are toggled "ON" if they are green; toggled "OFF" if they are grey.

  1. Enable Form: By default, toggled "ON". This allows users to use and fill out the form. If the form is disabled, you aren't able to use it.
  2. Allow users to create new features: By default, toggled "ON". When toggled off, a pop-up dialogue box will ask if you're sure that you want to change the form permissions to be able to edit the form submissions rather than being able to add new submissions.

  3. Enable "Wizard Mode": By default, our forms are set up so that "Wizard Mode" is toggled off. On the web, when you click on a form, you are able to view the entire form with all of the questions. If you want users on the web to go through the form question by question in order as they appear, you can enable "Wizard Mode".
  4. Allow users to enter XY coordinates: (Polygon, Point, Line Forms) By default, the XY coordinates feature is toggled off. If you would like your users to be able to enter the XY coordinates versus finding the location on the map, toggle "ON".

Export Form Config: refer to article: How to Import & Export Form Configurations.

Form Layers: Under Form layers, you are able to view which layers are part of that Form.



In the field settings, you can edit/add/remove form fields (or questions). If you hover your mouse over any field, a pencil icon will appear to the right of the text. Click the pencil icon to edit that field. Here we can change the question, the widget, the default value, and the required and editable toggles. 

For more information, refer to article: How to Edit Questions (Form Fields).




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