How to Create a New Form

  1. Click the Forms icon. formicon.png
  2. Click "NEW" in the top-right corner of the form list. The "Choose Form Layer" dialogue will appear. You can either create a form based on an existing layer in your map site, or you can define a new layer by clicking the "Define a New Form" button. 
  3. Click "DEFINE A NEW FORM". Add a Name and Description and decide on a Form Type.

    *Note: The "Form Type" determines the form's functionality within Lightship. You can see our article on form types here.
  4. Click "Save".

    The form will open in edit mode. Here you can add form questions (fields) that you'd like in your new form. 
  5. In the 'Field Settings' tab, click "New Question" to add some questions. Type your question, field name, and select a field type. Click "Save" and repeat for each question.

    *Note: The field name is used to help identify your data both in and outside of Lightship. Short and descriptive is best practice. If you have a larger question to add, we recommend putting it in "+Add Additional Info". To change the way the field name appears to users throughout the site, use the 'ALIAS' feature, found in the Layer Admin.
  6. Click "DONE" when you are finished. The form is now available in the forms list and is immediately available for users with appropriate permissions.
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