"Multiple .shp files were found in the zipped file" error

When uploading new data to Lightship Maps, be sure that your zipped shapefile only has one type of feature in it. Otherwise, the following error message will appear during the upload process:

Here is what you can do if the error message, "Multiple .shp files were found in the zipped file" appears:

  1. Locate the file you are trying to upload in your computer's folder.

  2. Unzip the zipped .shp file by secondary clicking on the file and selecting "Extract All...".

  3. Either change the folder location to send the files to, or click the "Extract" button.

  4. Ensure there is only one type of feature in the folder. In the example below, there are two different feature sets, "...FERRYSEG" and "...JUNCTION". Lightship will only accept file uploads with one feature type.

  5. Highlight all the files of one type of feature and compress them into one zipped folder.

  6. Try uploading the new zipped .shp file to Lightship. It should work now!


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