Layer tagging

Layer tags make it easy to group together similar data sets. 


Tags are an effective way to label a layer. This improves searchability as well as serves as a way to group similar layers together in the Layer Admin panel. In order to add a tag to a layer, follow the steps below. 


  1. Open the LAYER ADMIN panel and click on any layer to open its details.
  2. Click "Create" beside 'Tags' and type your desired tag name. 
  3. Once you click save, your new tag is created and added to the layer as shown below. 

  4. If you want to add additional tags to this layer that already exist, simply click next to the tag that you just added, and you will see a drop-down list of all the other tags available to add. Click any of these to add them to the list of tags for this layer. 
  5. You're set! Now, you can filter your list of layers by tag.

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