Set scale dependency

Here's how to make layers of data in your site scale dependent:

But first, what is scale dependency?

Scale dependency enables you to set zoom levels at which the layer and/or labels will automatically turn on or off. Making any layer scale dependent creates a more enjoyable user experience. It allows a user to view only the data that is meaningful at a specific zoom level. 

For instance, if a user was viewing a map of a community and was zoomed out to see the entire community boundary, the map would only show parks and neighbourhoods. Then, as the user zoomed in closer, structures would appear, then bus stop locations, and finally property lines.

Thanks to scale dependency, your maps always stays clean and uncluttered!

How to set up scale dependency:

  1. Open the Admin panel
  2. Select the layer you wish to set scale dependency for.
  3. Click the "EDIT" button in the "Scale Dependency" section.
  4. A dialogue will appear like the one below. Select the zoom scale* at which you would like the layer to automatically turn off, when zoomed out further than that zoom scale. Also select the zoom scale for the label to automatically turn off when zoom out further than. Click "Save".

    *zoom scale is shown in the bottom right of the map by the "+ and -" buttons. 

  5. The zoom scale you chose for the scale dependency will appear in the "Scale Dependency" section in the Site Admin. 


I have set the "Bus Stops" layer and label to turn off automatically when zoomed out further than zoom scale 15. If you look at the little magnifying glass icon at the bottom of this screen shot, the current zoom scale is 15 and the bus stop layer and labels are showing (denoted by the little black bus icons):

Now if I zoom out one zoom scale to zoom scale 14, the Bus Stop layer and labels are no longer showing on my map:

If you take a look at the map legend, you can see that the scale dependent layers will have a scale sign and number next to the layer name. As well, the dot will be green if the layer is turned on, and grey if your current zoom level is outside of the zoom scale you've set for that layer's scale dependency.



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