Polygon style editing

Here's how to edit your polygon styles:

    1. Navigate to the LAYER ADMIN, choose your desired layer, and click "EDIT" in the style section of the layer you wish to edit. Here you can have one or multiple styles for one layer and you can change the layer name.
    2. Click the current style to change all aspects of the style. 


      From here you can change the pattern of your polygon, you can choose whether or not it is filled with a colour, you can change the opacity of both the outline and the fill, and you have endless colour options! You can also choose to disable the style for this layer by clicking the "Enable Symbol" toggle in the top left.

      You can access colour options by clicking inside the colour box.
    3. Filters can be used if you wish to apply different styles based on the attributes of the data. Click the filter icon on the far right of a style row to bring up the Filter dialog. Build the filter you want to apply: 

      1. Choose which field you want to filter.
      2. Choose the operator.
      3. Choose a value.

        If you want to add another filter rule click the + in the "Add Condition" box and repeat the above process.

        Once you have at least three filter lines, you can add brackets to begin nesting your filter rule. Click "Add Condition" and select "Add Brackets". Click the +.


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