How to Add a Repeatable Section to an Existing Form

Here's how to add a repeatable section to an existing form:

Note that you must create the Repeatable Section before you can add it to an existing form. Here is the article on how to create a Repeatable Section: Create a Repeatable Section

  1. Click the Form icon in the menu on the left. 
  2. Edit the form you would like to add the repeatable section to by clicking the pencil icon next to the form title.
  3. Click the "Field Settings" tab.

  4. Click the "New Question" button at the bottom of the screen.

    1. In the "Type" drop-down, scroll down and choose "Repeatable Section".


      Question: Text in this area will override the repeatable section title (optional).

      Import Repeatable Section: In the drop-down "Import Repeatable Section", select the Repeatable Section form that you previously created, and want to add to this form.

      Repeatable Section Field & Current Form Field: You must select the fields that the join will be based on. Typically this is the unique field set for the repeatable section and the form you are currently editing. This area will auto-populate if there is a unique ID set for these forms.

      Required: If you turn ON the Required toggle it will make this repeatable section required, and the user will not be able to save the form without filling out the repeatable section at least once.

      Creatable: If you turn OFF the Creatable toggle, users will not be able to create new entries for this repeatable section, they will only be able to edit existing ones.

      Selectable: If you have entered some data into your consumable form, you can turn ON the toggle from selectable to add an entry into your form from the repeatable section.

      *Allow selection of existing records: In the edit area of the repeatable form under the heading "Settings", toggle ON "Allow selection of existing records". This enables that when you add the repeatable section to a form that you will be able to choose from existing data that has been entered into the repeatable form.*

      Example: You keep client information in a repeatable form. In another form, the repeatable question is "What client is this form being filled out for?", with the toggle ON "Allow selection of existing records", you would be able to choose from the list of clients that you have saved in your repeatable form. 
  5. Click Save. You will see the Repeatable Section is added to your form. You can drag and drop to change the order of your questions. You can see a preview of the questions within the Repeatable Section by hovering over the Repeatable Section, and clicking the down arrow that appears to the left of the name.


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